Journal of Human Kinetics

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Volume 12

Archives > 2004

1. Latash M.L., Jaric S., Scholz J.P., Zatsiorsky V.M.
Motor Synergies and Their Changes with Practice

2. Blaser P., Hökelmann A.
Relationships between Load and Demand under the Condition of the Mental Representation of a Dance

3. Müller H., Sternad D.
Accuracy and Variability in Goal Oriented Movements – Decomposing Gender Differences in Children

4. Galloway J.C.
The Emergence of Purposeful Limb Movements in Early Infancy: The interaction of experience, learning and biomechanics

5. Vaverka F., Stromšík P., Elfmark M., Krejčí J.
Sledge as a Useful Method for Assessing Muscle Performance (Apparatus and Methodology)

6. Waśkiewicz Z., Zając A., Poprzęcki S., Waśkiewicz A., Chęciński J., Bacik B.
Explosive Strength and Kinesthesia under Acidosis

7. Zając A., Waśkiewicz Z., Poprzęcki S., Cholewa J.
Effects of Creatine and HM? Supplementation on Anaerobic Power and Body Composition in Basketball Players

8. Stupnicki R., Sienkiewicz-Dianzenza E.
“Anaerobic Endurance” and its Assessment

9. Eider J., Cięszczyk P.
The Level of Chosen Coordination Abilities in 10 Year old Boys as Selection Criteria for Sport Classes

10. Machnacz W.
Comparative Analysis of Tapping Indexes in Particular Sport Disciplines

11. Strzała M., Tyka A., Żychowska M.
Reliability o Invasive and Non-Invasive Anaerobic Threshold Estimation in Young Swimmers

12. Jaszczur-Nowicki J.
The Cardiorespiratory Responses and Energy Expenditure of Windsurfers during Cycle Ergometer and Windsurfing Simulator Exercise Tests

13. Cholewa J., Gerasimuk D., Zając A.
Trends in Shooting Results of Elite Biathletes

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