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September 2019

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1. Hydration status after an Ironman triathlon: a meta-analysis
Caio V. Sousa, Samuel da S. Aguiar, Rafael dos R. Olher , Marcelo M. Sales, Milton R. de Moraes , Pantelis T. Nikolaidis, Thomas Rosemann, Beat Knechtle, Herbert G. Simoes

2. Effects of terbutaline sulfate on physiological and biomechanical as well as perceived exertion in healthy active athletes: A pilot study
Hanen Hafedh, Maamer Slimani, Bianca Miarka, Ramzi Bettayeb, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi

3. No pain, no gain? Prevalence, location, context, and coping strategies with regard to pain among young German elite basketball players
Sven Schneider, Johannes Sauer, Gregor Berrsche, Holger Schmitt

4. Cardiovascular and perceived effort in different head-out water exercises: effect of limbs' action and resistance equipment
Mário J. Costa, Lúcia Cruz, Ana Sim?o, Tiago M. Barbosa

5. The acute effects of high-intensity cycling exercise on arterial stiffness in adolescent wrestlers
Okkes Alpaslan Gencay, Murat Baykara, Adnan Demirel, Ejder Berk, Selcuk Gencay

6. Player Load and Metabolic Power Dynamics as Load Quantifiers in Soccer
Pedro Reche-Soto, Donaldo Cardona-Nieto, Arturo Diaz-Suarez, Alejandro Bastida-Castillo, Carlos Gomez-Carmona, Javier Garcia-Rubio, Jose Pino-Ortega

7. Combined small-sided game and high-intensity interval training in soccer players: the effect of exercise order
Alireza Rabbani, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Mehdi Kargarfard, Saeid Jahangiri

8. Differences in trunk strength between weightlifters and wrestlers
Amira Ben Moussa Zouita, Sghaier Zouita, Catherine Dziri, Matt Brughelli, David G. Behm, Anis Chaouachi

9. Differences in mechanical midsole characteristics of running shoes do not influence physiological variables in aerobic and anaerobic running
Christian Mitschke , Katrin Karger, Thomas L. Milani

10. The relationship between pistol Olympic shooting performance, handgrip and shoulder abduction strength
Daniel Mon-López, Maria S. Zakynthinaki, Carlos Alberto Cordente, Jorge García-González

11. Is test standardization important when arm and leg muscle mechanical properties are assessed through the force-velocity relationship?
Marko Cosic, Sasa Djuric, Milena Z. Zivkovic, Aleksandar Nedeljkovic, Bojan Leontijevic, Slobodan Jaric

12. Analysis of successful offensive play patterns by the Spanish soccer team
Mario Amatria, Rubén Maneiro, M. Teresa Anguera

13. Anthropometric and Motor Performance Variables are Decisive Factors for the Selection of Junior National Female Volleyball Players
Athanasios Tsoukos, Sotirios Drikos, Lee E. Brown, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Panagiotis Veligekas, Gregory C. Bogdanis

14. Variability of technical actions during Small-Sided Games in young soccer players
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Hugo Sarmento, Israel Teoldo Costa, Ana Rita Enes, Ricardo Lima

15. Monitoring changes over a training macrocycle in regional age-group swimmers
Guilherme Tucher , Flávio Antônio de Souza Castro , Nuno Domingos Garrido , Ricardo Jorge Pinto Fernandes

16. Trends of goal scoring patterns in soccer: A retrospective analysis of five successive FIFA World Cup Tournaments
Alliance Kubayi, Abel Toriola

17. Post-activation potentiation: is there an optimal training volume and intensity to induce improvements in vertical jump ability in highly-trained subjects?
Ronaldo Kobal, Lucas A. Pereira, Katia Kitamura, Anderson C. Paulo, Henrique A. Ramos, Everton C. Carmo4, Hamilton Roschel, Valmor Tricoli, Chris Bishop, Irineu Loturco

18. Post-activation potentiation on squat jump following two different protocols: Traditional vs Inertial flywheel
Rafael Timon, Silvia Allemano, Marta Camacho-Carde?osa, Alba Camacho-Carde?osa, Ismael Martinez-Guardado, Guillermo Olcina

19. Physical performance differences between starter and non-starter players during professional soccer friendly matches
Jesús V. Giménez, Anthony S. Leicht, Miguel A. Gomez

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