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December 2018

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1. Post-activation potentiation increases recruitment of fast twitch fibers: a potential practical application in runners
Marco Gervasi, Anna Rita Calavalle, Stefano Amatori, Eugenio Grassi, Piero Benelli, Piero Sestili, Davide Sisti

2. Does sodium citrate cause the same ergogenic effect as sodium bicarbonate on swimming performance?
Michal Kumstát, Tomáš Hlinský, Ivan Struhár, Andy Thomas

3. Differences in Loading and Morphological Structure of the Take-off and Non-take-off Limb in Athletics Jumping Events
Petr Kutáč, Jaroslav Uchytil

4. The effect of physical and mental stress on the heart rate, cortisol and lactate concentrations in rock climbers
Artur Magiera, Robert Roczniok, Ewa Sadowska-Krępa, Katarzyna Kempa, Oskar Placek, Aleksandra Mostowik

5. Work-rate Analysis of Substitute Players in Professional Soccer: Analysis of Seasonal Variations
Alexis Padrón-Cabo, Ezequiel Rey, Benjamín Vidal, Javier García-Nunez

6. Anthropometric and motor characteristics of South African national level female soccer players
Marc Jon Booysen, Philippe Jean-Luc Gradidge, Demitri Constantinou

7. Effect of different feedback modalities on swimming pace: which feedback modality is most effective?
Cesare Altavilla , Roberto Cejuela Anta, Pablo Caballero Pérez

8. Relative age effect and long-term success in the Spanish soccer and basketball national teams
Cristina López de Subijana, Jorge Lorenzo

9. Intra and interzone differences of attack and counterattack efficiency in elite male volleyball
Zoran Grgantov, Igor Jelaska, Dragutin Šuker

10. Effects of core strength training using stable and unstable surfaces on physical fitness and functional performance in professional female futsal players
Carlos Lago-Fuentes, Ezequiel Rey, Alexis Padrón-Cabo, Alejandro Sal de Rellán-Guerra, Ana Fragueiro-Rodríguez, Javier García-Núnez

11. Basketball game-related statistics that discriminate between European players competing in the NBA and in the Euroleague
Rutenis Paulauskas, Nerijus Masiulis, Alejandro Vaquera, Bruno Figueira4, Jaime Sampaio

12. The influence of verbal instruction on measurement reliability and explosive neuromuscular performance of the knee extensors
Hamdi Jaafar, Hanene Lajili

13. Training loads and RSA and aerobic performance changes during the preseason in youth soccer squads
Tiago Cetolin, Anderson Santiago Teixeira, Almir Schmitt Neto, Alessandro Haupenthal, Fábio Yuzo Nakamura, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci Guglielmo, Juliano Fernandes da Silva

14. Test-retest reliability of isokinetic arm strength measurements in competitive swimmers running
Daniel Collado-Mateo, Francisco J. Dominguez-Munoz, Nuno Batalha, Jose Parraça, Pablo Tomas-Carus, Jose C. Adsuar

15. Neurocognitive functioning of sport climbers
Milena Marczak, Michał Ginszt, Piotr Gawda, Marcin Berger, Piotr Majcher

16. Acute effects of barefoot and minimalist footwear on medial tibiofemoral compartment loading during running: a statistical parametric mapping approach
Jonathan Sinclair, Bobbie Butters, Philip Stainton

17. A video-based method to quantify stroke snchronisation in crew bat sprint kayaking
Cheryl Sihui Tay, Pui Wah Kong

18. Maximizing the functional performance outcomes of patients undergoing rehabilitation by maximizing their overall health and wellbeing
Elizabeth Dean

19. Salivary BDNF and cortisol responses during high-intensity exercise and official basketball matches in sedentary individuals and elite players
Alexandre Moreira, Marcelo Saldanha Aoki, Ademir Felipe Schultz de Arruda, Daniel Gomes da Silva Machado, Hassan Mohamed Elsangedy, Alexandre Hideki Okano

20. Cognitive scripts, anxiety and styles of coping with stress in tenagers practising sports
Joanna Basiaga-Pasternak

21. Relations among reinvestment, self-regulation, and perception of choking under pressure
Takehiro Iwatsuki, Judy Van Raalte, Britton W. Brewer, Albert Petitpas, Masanori Takahashi

22. Pulmonary rehabilitation with a stabilometric platform after thoracic surgery: a preliminary report
Dariusz Jastrzębski, Aleksandra Żebrowska, Sebastian Rutkowski, Anna Rutkowska, Joanna Warzecha, Bettina Ziaja, Aleksandra Pałka, Barbara Czyżewska, Damian Czyżewski, Dariusz Ziora

23. Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation with and without neuromuscular electrical stimulation and its effect on exercise tolerance and life quality of persons with chronic heart failure
Cezary Kucio, Petr Stastny, Bożena Leszczyńska-Bolewsk, Małgorzata Engelmann, Ewa Kucio, Petr Uhlir, Magdalena Stania, Anna Polak

24. Effects of the pitch surface on displacement of youth players during soccer match-play
Angelo Brito, Paulo Roriz, Pedro Silva, Ricardo Duarte, Julio Garganta

25. Moral behavior in the locker room predicts perceptions of task cohesion in youth ice hockey players
Scott A. Graupensperger, Marie S. Tisak

26. The mediation effect of Perceived Social Support and Perceived Stress on the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Wellbeing in Male Athletes
Romualas Malinauskas, Vilija Malinauskiene

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